Ghost – Volbeat – Twin Temple tour kick off in Reno!

Review by William K

Photography by Kevin Graft

Twin Temple kicked off the night with their satanic lounge act.  Hella kitschy and a lot of fun.  They were well received by the crowd making many new fans.

Volbeat blasted out of the gate ripping through a massive set of songs mainly from the last few releases and throwing a couple of their now classics in for us long time fans.  Having seen Volbeat play many times over the years mainly supporting other bands, it was great to see them bringing their own massive stage show to the states.  The stage was a multi-layered set of video walls covering the drum riser, behind the band on stage and a massive wall behind everything else.  Great camera work and all of the other visuals added to the show.

Michael Poulson’s voice was pristine since this was the opening night of the tour.  Volbeat really enjoys what they do and they bring a fun time and a whole lot of energy to the fans.  They opened the show with Temple of Ekur, the first song from the new album Servant of the mind.  Later playing Becoming, Shotgun Blues, Wait a minute my girl and the Devil Rages On from the new album.

Volbeat Setlist

Temple of Ekur

Pelvis on Fire

Doc Holiday

Lola Montez

Sad Mans Tongue


Last Day Under the Sun

Wait a Minute My Girl

Black Rose


Shotgun Blues

Devils Bleeding Crown

Devil Rages On

Slaytan / Dead Butt

Sacred Stones

Seal the Deal

Die to Live

Still Counting

This was my first time seeing Ghost headline a proper concert having only seeing them play a short set at Aftershock many years ago.  Papa Emeritus IV put on a spectacular show featuring eight nameless gouls sporting new gas masks.  Fan highlight of the night was opening the performance with their new song “Kaisarion” ahead of the March 11th release of their new album, Impera

Papa sported a more casual and colorful lounge jacket at the beginning of the show.  He only broke into  a new horned hat costume for Year Zero that also broke out the flames for the first of many times for the night.  Papa didn’t break out any of the Pope like costumes we’ve seen in the past.

Papa owned the stage and was much more relaxed than I had expected, not taking himself so seriously and talking quite a bit with the crowd and acknowlging everyone involved with making the night and tour happen and all the Covid craziness we’ve had to deal with the past two years.

Ghost blazed through their set and started their encore with Metallica’s Enter Sandman…..and I would say it was heavier than any time I’ve seen Metallica perform it.  Lots of pyro and golden confetti shot through the air.  

Catch this entertaining tour through March 3rd.

Ghost setlist

Imperium (intro)

From The Pinnacle To The Pit
Mary on a Cross
Devil Church
Hunter’s Moon
Year Zero
Mummy Dust
Kiss the Go-Goat
Enter Sandman (Metallica cover)
Dance Macabre
Square Hammer 

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