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Frank Turner – Be More Kind


Frank Turner – Be More Kind
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Where do I start on this one?

I’ll start by saying that I’ve been a big Frank Turner fan since his first album dropped and it reminded me of Bruce Springsteen and was almost bordering on the side of indie rock, he still had enough of that 70’s rock edge to make it appealing to me.

Here’s the thing, I’ve gloated about Frank Turner for years and think he puts on a killer live show as well. But with the release of “Be More Kind” I am at almost a loss for words. This is NOT the Frank Turner I’ve come to love in an incredibly boring over saturated indie rock world. This album is beyond disappointing for me. Where are the tracks that are rough around the edges? Where are the tracks that don’t sound like everyone else? Where are the tracks that have guitar solos and sound like he’s struggling to scream out?

Long gone is that Frank Turner, and now I fear that the system has gotten to him, or maybe fame, or a producer telling him to change. Or maybe, maybe he’s just not a struggling artist anymore.

Either way, I know many people are going to enjoy the hell out of this album, it just sucks that I’m not one of them.