LAST HOUNDS – BURDEN (2021) Album Review



No matter if you like punk, hardcore, or metal, this band has it all for you. I’ve been paying attention to them for a bit now as they released single after single and then finally released BURDEN this past weekend and oh boy, did it not disappoint! It’s hard for me to even begin to compare this band to anyone else because it is such an eclectic album, but I will tell you that the opening track Snakeskin brings you right into what this band is all about with their hardcore approach an angsty lyrics, you know right off the bat that they want, nay, need you to mosh. The album continues on showing their influences all over the place, but not messy in any way, but very clear and concise.

Last Hounds have found a way to mold many genre’s into one succinct album that is full of blood, sweat and tears and they laid it all on the line. Balaclava is one of my favorite tracks because I have a soft spot for gang vocals when done tastefully and they do it very tastefully as needed, followed by my second favorite track Incinerate which brings a heavy British hardcore sound, heavy as hell, but finding a way to overlay great rock riffs.

As the album continues on, it just continues to be an all out assault on your ears while also teetering the fine line of an album you can jam to while driving or hanging with friends. It’s a very rock-able album start to finish while keeping it heavy enough to appeal to many different fans. I know I’ll be jamming this for a while!

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