When it comes to Bloodred Hourglass I will always have a soft spot in my heart for them as they continually put out amazing albums over and over again, and Your Highness is no different. Opening with Leaves shows their versatility right off the bat for new listeners of this fantastic band and really shows what you’re in for. Melodic harmonies mixed with that At The Gates/In Flames style Swedish metal really pulls you right in and on to the next track Drag Me The Rain which feels like the type of song that is telling a story through the music and pulls you in to show you they aren’t messing around with how heavy they can get at the right times.

Nightmares Are Dreams Too, the third track may be my favorite of the whole album, and yes it’s because it really reminds me of why I love and prefer most European modern metal, incredible beautiful melodies overlayed with equally complimentary vocals. It takes me back to the first time I heard Soilwork or Heaven Shall Burn.

Overall, Bloodred Hourglass is a band that is completely overlooked in the genre and definitely not talked about enough. The only thing that could possibly compliment this album better, is to see them on tour in the U.S., but until then I’ll keep jamming this record and hope to see them soon!

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