Red Fang’s “Arrows” is a trippy, slow burn with attitude.

To begin, I have always been a massive Red Fang fan. Their albums are always very groovy and powerful, but the second I started jamming “Arrows” I noticed it had a completely different vibe to it, and almost a completely different mix. Each song had it’s own unique sound and appeal to it, which admittedly took me a bit to get used to, but does in fact completely deliver everything one would expect and hope for from a Red Fang album.

As it begins with ‘Take it Back,’ and ‘Unreal Estate’ I found myself wondering what type of album this was going to be. The vocals and guitars both felt very different and again, took some getting used to, but then ‘Arrows’ and ‘My Disaster’ come on and really knock you on your ass and pick up the pace. So when it brings you back down a bit to ‘Two High’ and ‘Anodyne’ you feel good about it.

As it pulls into ‘Interop-Mod’  and ‘Fonzi Scheme’ It really started to feel like a bit of an experimental album for them. Not that it doesn’t sound like Red Fang, or sound heavy enough but any means, but there are some new tones they play with throughout the album, and in fact ‘My Disaster’ and ‘Fonzi Scheme’ are two totally different songs, but they are very much my favorite tracks on this one. And as the album continues on, it tends to slow down and speed up, ending on ‘Funeral Coach’, which is also a big highlight song for me and I’m surprised they decided to end on it. 

Either way, I’ve jammed it twice now and thoroughly enjoy it. Yes, it’s got moments of slow burn, moments of experimenting, and moments that are aggressive and fast, so as I started this off, “Arrows” is a trippy, slow burn with an attitude! 

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