Autumn Lies Buried – Aristocracy

2022 – Autumn Lies Buried

Interestingly enough, most people that know me are acutely aware of how much I dislike death core that relies solely on breakdowns thinking that it’s brutal or whatever their thinking is, but this, this is not that album. Opening with Silent Weapons, it right off the bat exhales as if an entire crowd was pulsating waiting for that first riff, and when it explodes it comes with a truly brutal attack. It takes so many elements from thrash and classic speed metal, mixed with precise and timely death core vocals that don’t overdo the experience.

Then just as you think you know what you’re getting, they bludgeon you with Inhuman Skin, which, whether they meant to or not, takes the aforementioned influences and suddenly gives us what feels like some Stuck Mojo influence in there, that super early rap/metal kind of feel that got lost in the early 2000’s with the nu-metal movement. And then just when you think you know once again what you’re getting, we drop into Dead to Rights, Consume/Collapse, and Entertainment Age, which have a dark undertone that really brings the death side out of the music, while maintaining a consistency across the album, just before giving a brief breath and dumping into Mother of Harlots and Dead Boi that round the album out that truly feels too short, but is an absolute bludgeoning to your ears from top to bottom.

If you’re looking for bold, aggressive, dark, eclectic, complicated and refreshing, this is the album for you. Cheers to the band from Tennessee that if noticed, could change the face death core as we know it.

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