I’ll be the first to tell you that I haven’t seen or heard a single Nothing More song before this show, and I’ll also tell you that the last time I saw or listened to In This Moment was when their first album came out. Yet, this was still an intriguing show to me because both bands have been gaining in popularity and I was curious what was making them so popular live. 

While I don’t look at either band as metal, they definitely teeter the line of heavier music, but watching Nothing More reminded me of truly raw hard rock bands that I grew up listening to. Not musically, but their raw energy and talent was something that can really bring people together and get them moving, not to mention the large drum contraption on stage that I have yet to really understand what it does, but it certainly looks cool enough.

Nothing More ripped track to track, ending in front of the stage on the ground with the crowd singing the final lyrics and it hit me that this band was one that really enjoys bringing the club atmosphere mixed with a large stage show to their fans. Truly a fun time.

After, followed a completely different, unique stage show of a band; In This Moment, that was a bit surprising compared to how they were when I first saw them many years ago. Overlooked somewhat was their music as they brought a stage show that literally was that – a show. This is not to say that their music is bad or that they were boring or bad live, quite the contrary, that they found a way to mold a bold, political theatrical show with a heavy rock concert, and made it digestible and fun for their fans.

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