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Children of Bodom

Children of Bodom »

Band: Children of Bodom; Bassist Henkka Seppälä Skype Interview Conducted by: Mark Keane on 09/23/15

Children of Bodom bassist Henkka Seppälä took some time


Anfinnsaas »

Anfinnsaas Skype Interview Conducted by: Robert Gross on 09/11/15

Our very own Robert Gross had a chance to talk with Norwegian extreme metal


Cresca »

Cresca Skype Interview Conducted by: Mark Keane on 09/20/15

Mark from Loud and Heavy had the chance to chat with Cresca, a female


Horisont »

Horisont Skype Interview Conducted by Kevin Clem on 09/11/2015

Our very own Kevin Clem had a chance to converse with Pontus and Axel