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Anfinnsaas Skype Interview Conducted by: Robert Gross on 09/11/15 Our very own Robert Gross had a chance to talk with Norwegian extreme metal duo Anfinnsaas about their self titled debut album, available now. They discuss their origin, recording process and more. Make sure you check out all they had to say below: ANFINNSAAS is a duo […]

Anfinnsaas – Anfinnsaas

Track Listing: vensk Revelje Anfinnsaas Hålandsdal Slått Fra Røstad Elve Spissrot   This is the debut album from a Norwgian duo named Anfinnsaas. If you like raw apocalyptic traditional Nordic, raw black, doom, and sludge grooves, and raw dark metal, then you are in for a treat. (Did I mention how raw their sound is?) […]

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