Backwordz // Veracity

Track Listing:

  1. Pop It Off
  2. Individualism
  3. Self Ownership
  4. Demon Rat
  5. Statism
  6. You Are You
  7. Tell Me
  8. Be Great
  9. So To Speak
  10. Praxeology
  11. The Professional Protester
  12. Addict
  13. Democracy Sucks
  14. Utopias Don’t Exist
  15. Let Me Live
  16. Snap
  17. Stathiest
  18. Set Us Free


Think Rage Against the Machine in a modern era with a libertarian mindset and you have Backwordz. A band that is not afraid to tell you what they think of our current political and societal situations. Their message is spread with heavy riffs, melody and a smooth & intelligent vocal delivery by frontman Eric July. They’ve been teasing the masses for months by releasing a track here and there, each showing off a new approach. Their most recent single, Self Ownership, has them paired with Attila frontman Fronz. (If these two bands aren’t packaged together on a tour soon I will be extremely disappointed.)

Backwordz doesn’t waste much time getting its message to you with Veracity. After a quick intro segment in Pop It Off you are hit hard with Individualism and they don’t look back or let go till the very end. This is hands down one of the freshest sounding albums to hit our scene in quite some time. Some will be quick to compare to early 2000’s “nu-metal” but this is a special animal all to itself. As stated in the opening track Pop It Off they don’t want a label they are here to defy genres and leave it up to each listeners interpretation.

Verocity is an album that will not only have you bobbing your head, or starting mosh pits but it will have you thinking. Questioning the establishment around us and pushing for you to think for yourself. Frontman Eric July had the following to say:

“When you listen to our music, I hope you walk away and think critically about what you generally accept as truth,” he leaves off. “In this world with media, social media, multimedia, and mainstream media, it’s so easy to stray away from what is reality because of something being represented as truth. If I can get in front of a thousand people and cause one person to take a step back and evaluate their journey, I feel like I’ve won.”

Backwordz has definitely lived up to the hype they’ve built with their single releases over the past year, and should become a force to be reckoned with. Backwordz has partnered up with Stay Sick Recordings to get this album to the masses, and it is available everywhere March 31. Get out and support a band that is truly out to change the music scene one mind at a time.

Score: 4 / 5

Backwordz is:

Eric July – Vocals
Alex James – Bass/Vocals
Kevin Kerestes – Guitar
Marcello Garcci – Guitar
Robbie Rosales- Drums

4.6/5 - (14 votes)
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