Chemical Burn – Raining Anvils

Chemical Burn Raining Anvils

Track Listing:

  1. I Rise I Fly
  2. My Weakness
  3. Crush Your Ego
  4. We Aint Done Yet
  5. Transcend
  6. Raining Anvils
  7. X’s For Eyes
  8. Like A God
  9. Uncloned
  10. I Breathe Smoke


Talk about an album that truly fits what we are all about here, this album is definitely loud and heavy! Raining Anvils by Chemical Burn comes out of the gates swinging and doesn’t let up for one moment. Fans of Pantera, Lamb of God and Testament will immediately fall in love with this record. Thrash metal producer Juan Ortega (Testament, Machinehead, and Exodus) was brought in to produce the album and craft it perfectly.

From the moment that opening riff on I Rise I Fly hits you know you are in for one ripping, thrashing good time, the grooves are infectious and will have your head banging. The heavy grooves continue to crush through tracks like My Weakness and the stomping Crush You Ego. From then on we see a little more diversity in the sounds, shredding solos on We Ain’t Done Yet to relentless double bass drum assault on tracks like Transcend.

Overall, this album isn’t groundbreaking or redefining the metal wheel so to speak. But, it does offer up 10 solid tracks that will satisfy and keep you coming back for more. These tracks sound like they will transition well in a live setting and really take their energy to a whole new level. We look forward to seeing and hearing more of this band.

Rating: 8 / 10

Chemical Burn is:
Mike Garnica: Vocals / Bass
Kevin Jackson: Drums
Marc Pattison: Guitar

Stream “My Weakness” here:
Stream “I Rise I Fly” here:

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