Movements – Outgrown Things

Track Listing

  1. Kept
  2. Nineteen
  3. Worst Wishes
  4. Hatchet
  5. Vacant Homes
  6. Losing Fight

Sounding more like Seattle, but coming from Southern California, the 4-piece band Movements have marked their place with their debut EP Outgrown Things.  Poignant lyrics, that come across more as spoken word poetry at times, paired with haunting guitar riffs and powerful drums that nail the point home.

Outgrown Things opens with the lead single, “Kept”  a melancholy tune with heavy lyrics “I’ve lost every ounce of self-respect, I hate myself, I am a wreck” the song was written when Miranda was at his lowest, struggling with depression, anxiety, and self-hate.  I would say this was my personal favorite off the EP, on the mellow side and yet still a hard kick in the gut with the gripping chorus “Give me something to believe in, I’ll give you something to forget.”  The video for the song, release early this year with the announcement of the EP, keeps with the chill vibes going but leaves you with an unsettled feeling and tears in your eyes.

Following the heart heavy tone “Nineteen” is a powerful ode to not giving up on one’s dreams despite being a “disappointment.” Miranda says, “My relationship with my dad has been pretty shitty for a long time. 19 is me saying everything I never could”. This track is half song, half spoken word poetry, as Miranda, with despair and anguish, says, “Someday I hope to make it clear to you that success is not determined by leather-bound books and ink on paper, but rather the passion that I have found … I know that happiness is stability, but stability is not a desk job. And I refuse to sacrifice my aspirations for an income and security.”

The high mark of the album comes on “Vacant Homes”, where everything comes together. The drums, guitar riffs, rumbling bass and chilling vocals, all culminate in a crescendo of emotions. “This vulnerability has left me struggling. Constantly moving at a pace I can’t keep.” The song hits loud and sad, leaving you crying on the floor. In a good way.

One of the most appreciated aspects of this EP is the openness and vulnerability in Miranda’s courageous lyricism, and that is on full display in “Losing Fight”. Worry and depression creep into every chord, haunting you from your ear drums to the core of your soul. “Determine I’m depressed.  Prescribe and wish me best.  As if I didn’t know, I’m a fucking mess.”
I don’t know what Movements has in store for us next, but one thing is for sure, your heart will be ripped out with powerful lyrics and then repaired with melodic instruments.  If this EP is a sign of things to come, then prepare yourself for an emotional roller coaster.

Score: 9 / 10


Movements is:

Patrick Miranda – vocals
Spencer York – drums
Ira George – guitar
Austin Cressey – bass

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