The White Noise // AM/PM

Track Listing:

  1. Innocent Until Birth
  2. Bite Marks
  3. Picture Day
  4. The Best Songs Are Dead
  5. I Lost My Mind (in California)
  6. Rated R … (feat Landon Tewers)
  7. All Drugs Go To Heaven
  8. Montreal
  9. 24 Hour Revenge Therapy
  10. Sunspots


Those asshole neighbors are back.  The White Noise sucker punched the scene with their debut EP Aren’t You Glad? and have brought the house party back in full effect their full-length album AM/PM.

Innocent Until Birth, the opening track, sets the tone of the album and ensnares you for the wild ride.  Blending from one sound to another and back again is something TWN has mastered.  Singles Bite Marks, Picture Day, and The Best Songs Are Dead follow keeping you bouncing off the walls and full of spitfire.

Switching it up yet again, this time to a 90’s vibe, I Lost My Mind (In California) makes you feel like you’re right there burning out under the sun with them.  It gives you a break in the middle of the album to catch your breath, before R Rated (ft. Landon Tewres) leaves you with the taste of blood in your mouth. All Drugs Go To Heaven is a about exactly what you think it is; drugs.  However, not about praising them, rather it’s a punk-rock lullaby to drugs, as Shawn croons “I had to say goodbye before you took my life.”

Montreal, my personal favorite and the only song Shawn truly sings on, is a raw and emotional solo over electric guitar.  Haunting riffs and even more ghostly lyrics, “I lost it all, cus no one sleeps in Montreal” the song may appear out of place but carries the story of the album on.  Anger, pain, love, and finding yourself.  Nothing a little 24 Hour Revenge Therapy can’t cure “you’re laying here with me because I don’t ask why.”  The house party wraps up with Sunspots, “I’ve got a bag of friends you can have some if you please,” and leaves you in a haze.

The only complaint I can imagine hearing is that the 10-track album is over too quick, 34 minutes, but the 34 minutes packed into AM/PM keeps you intrigued from start to finish, there’s a track on here to please all party goers no matter the genre they listen to.  Do yourself a favor and give it a spin.

The White Noise is on tour all summer long, catch them on the Skull Candy stage at the Vans Warped Tour.

Score: 4.3 / 5

4/5 - (1 vote)
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