Author: Cole Allen

Lines In The Sky – Parallel Travel

Before I ever even knew the music of Rush, I wasn’t a fan. It was no fault of their own. I place the blame on a college roommate that spent our entire freshman year learning how to play guitar to “Tom Sawyer.” What started as sloppy chord work in the fall became a choppy, high-pitched […]

Colours – Ivory

At the height of the compact disc era, the first rule of any debut album was to feature compelling cover art. This didn’t mean just slapping some eye-catching image on the front, but rather visually representing the music inside. I often used this rule as my sole criteria for determining whether the disc was coming […]

Colours – The Boardwalk 02/13/16

Colours, a Sarasota, Florida-based alt-rock duo, embarked on its tour with one man band Robert DeLong Saturday night at the Boardwalk. Comprised of Kyle Tamo on vocals and Morgan Alley on drums, Colours is set to release their debut album, Ivory, on February 26th. Upon entering the normally loud and raucous Boardwalk, I quickly realized […]

Cage The Elephant – Tell Me I’m Pretty

Tell Me I’m Pretty is not Cage The Elephant begging for attention. In fact, with this album, Cage knows they are pretty, and are daring you to disagree. The opening track Cry Baby opens like a Beach Boys record with a slight distortion. Like a stormy day on a beautiful southern California beach, it’s inviting, […]

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