Author: Elizabeth Gore

Elizabeth Gore stands before you as a humble and driven journalist bent on supporting metal warriors and growth of the underground metal community. Working behind the camera in documentary, fashion, film still photography, indie and short films for the past decade, she chooses to focus her undying support for the metal storm that is brewing. She built the premise and is Producer for the YouTube Channel: Metal Load, which is dedicated to providing a platform for highlighting underground and rising metal bands. Now, Gore joins the Loud & Heavy crew, for heavy metal reigns over all!

Ascendancy – Pinnacle Of Creation

Track Listing: Pitch Black Lies Relentless Power Imprisons All Force to Be Reckoned With Uprising Darkest Horizon Turning of Malice Absolution Eyes of the Tyrant   I have had the pleasure of seeing the high-energy, Redondo Beach locals a couple of times, and was enthusiastic about reviewing their first full-length album. The album cover provides […]

Tormenter – Prophetic Deceiver

Track Listing: Snakes in the Throne Room Hanging From A Noose Prophetic Deceiver Exile From Flesh C.P.R Critical Stasis The Final Form Sacrilege Cosmic Collapse   Prophetic Deceiver debuted as Tormenter’s second full-length in the fall of 2014. The album title makes the theme/subject of the album quite clear. Our so-called trusted officials, political and […]


Extinction is an up and coming brutal death metal band hailing from North Hollywood, CA!  They have been raging since 2011, but they have built a solid fan base that has supported them to their fullest as they moved onward in recording their sophomore album, “Dead Space.”  Extinction has an undeniably old school sound that […]

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