Bleeding Through Bring Total Chaos to Sacramento!

Recently, Bleeding Through took on a small several day west coast tour, along that tour was a stop at Goldfield Trading post in Roseville, CA, a venue that holds about 600 people give or take. This particular show meant a lot to me, and it turns out it meant a lot to them as well.

Bleeding Through was one of the bands frequently mentioned at the top of the food chain in the early to mid 2000’s as part of the “New Wave of American Heavy Metal,” but as the scene began to slowly wain with the death of great tours like Ozzfest and the Rockstar Mayhem Festival’s that were huge proponents of those bands, it’s made it increasingly more difficult for fans like myself to see bands that meant so much to their youth and young 20’s.

This show began for me in the bowels of the venue with what turned out to be a fantastic interview with singer Brandan Schieppati where we discussed everything under the sun from why his lyrics mean so much to so many people, to the popularity they faced, and what it’s like being just a bit older and bringing the Bleeding Through brand through some small towns, among many other things. The full interview can be found here:

This was then followed by a great promo photo shoot and an insane show that was packed top to bottom with hand picked bands Ov Sulfur, local hardcore killer’s Saltwound, and local death outfit Wurm Flesh, and as Bleeding Through entered the stage, the entire crowd pulsated with excitement, and immediately the middle of the floor opened up! They ripped through what felt like a “greatest hits” show, but somehow made it feel fresh and exciting again, like an old friend greeting me at the door.

Brandan joked at times about being older and the crowd getting older, but also mentioned how cool it was to see people like myself bringing their kids to see them now. But make no mistake about Bleeding Through, they will put ANY band in check and they are still one of the most aggressive live bands I’ve ever seen.

I personally cannot wait to see what the future brings for them!

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