Months ago when BLS first announced this tour, I whole heartedly thought it would get cancelled before it actually happened, but now we’ve seen several tours and festivals that have kicked off with mostly success in the wake of Covid 19, and boy was I happy this one happened. Not only is Zakk Wylde a guitar hero of mine for many reasons I won’t get into, BLS has been a staple in the metal community for two decades and bring nothing but joy and mayhem to every venue they play!

Concerts continue to be a different experience than they’ve ever been, noticing more and more genuinely nice individuals in mosh pits and smiles from ear to ear, but one thing that has stayed steady and strong, maybe stronger than ever is Zakk Wylde. I’ll admit that when the oversized BLS curtain dropped in Ace of Spades and they ripped right into Bleed for Me I pretty much got so excited I could hardly contain myself, and my first few photos sure show my excitement as it took me a few shots to calm down and focus. 

One of my first initial reactions was that Zakk looked healthier than I’ve ever seen him (and this was probably somewhere within my twentieth time seeing him), looking fit, and focused with a healthier voice. Which makes me happy to know that he’s continued to take his sobriety seriously so that we and our kids can continue to enjoy new music for a long long time. 

As they continued into Demise of Sanity, Zakk didn’t speak at all and just ripped into it, giving the fans exactly what they wanted, which was the signature pinch harmonics and signature hair swinging while whaling relentlessly. Then I was incredibly happy to hear more classics like Spoke in the Wheel and Destruction Overdrive, among others. 

Along with a fantastic setlist (below), was a magnificent guitar solo/duel between Zakk and Dario Lorina where both threw their guitars behind their heads and completely slayed back and forth. Which shows something I’ve always respected about Zakk and that he knows and we all know that most people come to see BLS for Zakk, but that he completely shares the stage and the spotlight with everyone in the band and this was one of those great moments that shows that. Forgive the cell phone photo.

All in all, this was a different kind of BLS show than I’ve ever seen, but in a great way. A very very tight band, and a very healthy looking and sounding Zakk Wylde that completely destroyed all of the ears at Ace of Spades! What a way to start October!


Bleed For Me
Demise of Sanity
Heart of Darkness
A Love Unreal
The Blessed Hellride
Spoke In The Wheel
In This River
Trampled Down Below
Destruction Overdrive
Set You Free
Fire It Up
Suicide Messiah

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