Oblivion Access Festival is nearing closer in the Austin area!

What was formerly “Austin Terror Fest” that has been renamed as Oblivion Access Festival, is around the corner in Austin, TX that takes place from June 15th to the 18th!

From the creators, on the unique vision of the festival and the music in it: “In a dissociative world, we must power through with art and self expression to channel our frustrations, pain, and confusion into a beautiful representation of what it means to be alive. To be alive is to experience. Oblivion Access is a platform for progression, self expression, and catharsis. We hope that people walk away from this festival, influenced, attached, and most of all, empowered.”

The festival features some very unique acts from across the globe, and us here at Loud & Heavy are interested to see this one playing out and the coverage from it, stay tuned for more from us and go experience it for yourself if you’re in the area!

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