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SHINEDOWN blasts into 2022 rockin’ their sold out concert at the Grand Sierra Resort Casino in Reno after releasing the new single and title to their upcoming album “Planet Zero”.

Opening the show was relative newcomer from Seattle Ayron Jones.  I’ve been following Ayron for over a year and I’m really digging his straight up rock vibe.  This was the second set I’ve seen since Aftershock a few months ago.  Him and his band have the most fun on stage I’ve witnessed from any band in a long time.  They are damned pleased to be doing what they do and are sincerely appreciative of the all the new fans they are gaining every time they play.  

His debut single “Take Me Away” hit top 5 at Rock Radio.  Looking forward to see where Ayron an his band go from here and catching a headlining set soon.

Shinedown hit the theater with their biggest stage show to date and their usual bombast tearing into Cut the Chord.  Singer Brent Smith, who I call the Gentleman of Rock, earnestly commands the stage in a way that draws their fans closer. Drummer Barry Kerch has a larger than life presence from the back of the stage with his dreads flying and the biggest smile lighting up the back rows of th theater!  Eric Bass and Zach Myers criss cross the stage engaging with fans nonstop.

The concert flowed back and forth with a great mix of songs from their long career of hits and great moods set by their creative lighting with the occasial flash bombs, flames, smoke and showers of sparks.  Brent spent time between songs speaking about everyone’s hardships and the changes of the last couple of years and spoke of unity and how the music brings us together and as he always does is thanks the crowd for supporting them to do what they do.

Brent and Zack ended their set with their acoustic version of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Simple Man with a rousing sing along by the fans and then Eric and Barry joined them for a non stop pyro infused Sound of Madness!  Catch Shinedown every chance you get.


Cut the Cord


Fly from the Inside

State of my Head



Diamond Eyes

Planet Zero

I’ll Follow You




Get Up



Second Chance

Simple Man

Sound of Madness

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